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Episode Eight Show Notes – Tim Booth

Video for ‘Coming Home (Pt. 2)’

“A certain romanticness prevails throughout the album, all the mightier for being born of a mature yearning for peace and love rather than escapist fantasy. Gorgeous and passionate, the “bruised love” of album highlight “Leviathan” shows this in spades. “Coming Home (Pt. 2),” thematic follow-up to the 1989 single, comes at you from many different directions, chaos blasting off with its heartfelt lyric. The song’s expansiveness is reminiscent of the huge space of the Seven album. On the opposite end of the spectrum, in the middle of “How Hard the Day,” they bravely drop down to a single note guitar and voice, paying off by the strength of the melody.” Read my full review of Living In Extraordinary Times for Under The Radar here.

Tim Booth interview by Emma Cook in The Guardian referenced in podcast.

‘Top Of The World’ from Gold Mother, orchestral workshop version 2011

‘I Believe’ from the Booth & The Bad Angel album. Tim’s 1996 collaboration with composer Angelo Badalamenti, Bernard Butler on guitar.

James – ‘Ring The Bells’, from the Seven album.

James – ‘Hymn From A Village’. Early song that has remained a favourite over the years.

James – ‘Tomorrow’. A classic.

James – ‘Say Something’

Patti Smith’s Horses.

Patti Smith’s ‘Birdland’. Tim’s choice for what to listen to while flying into the Sun. Take Tim’s advice and find the appropriate time to listen to this, put on headphones and block everything else out.

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Episode Eight – Tim Booth

“We are psychically connected to each other whether we like it or not, but we are also globally connected.”

Aug Stone talks to James singer Tim Booth about Patti Smith, the transformative power of dance, global warming, Russia and our current political climate, Love being the answer to our problems, being a dad who has to go away on tour, the unconscious revealing itself through creativity, and much more. NOTE: Strong language is used. NSFW.

Show Notes Here…

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