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Episode Seven Show Notes – Sarah Cracknell – The Counterforce Podcast Skip to content

Episode Seven Show Notes – Sarah Cracknell

Saint Etienne‘s ‘Good Humor’ is my favourite album of theirs and they are coming to North America to play the 20th anniversary shows in September. Dates on their Facebook page.


‘Sylvie’ on Top Of The Pops 1998:


‘The Bad Photographer’ on the Jack Docherty Show 1998:


‘4:35 In The Morning’:



If you like this episode or The Counterforce Podcast in general and have a couple bucks to spare, I’ve been trying to raise money for this project on DonorsChoose.org all summer. Donors Choose is a great site to help classrooms in need across the country, which, sad to say, America really needs right now. I would LOVE to get this project – MAKE MINE A GREEN THUMB! – funded for these four-year olds in Michigan. Their teacher is raising money to buy them a greenhouse and gardening materials so they can learn about growing healthy food and have food to eat throughout the day. Please help out if you can. I’d really appreciate it. The project needs to be funded by September 11th.  Thanks for listening.

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