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Episode Five – Jah Wobble – The Counterforce Podcast Skip to content

Episode Five – Jah Wobble

Jah Wobble talks to Aug Stone about his new album Dream World, the 2018 World Cup, his 2011 collaboration with Julie Campbell on Psychic Life, his first musical loves, post-punk, the creative process, film scoring, and more.

“I think that post-punk was such a fascinating area of music and yet the idea of it was generally better than the music that was produced. There were so many variations, so many kind of records you could have made back then – you could have made Metal Box and put radio collages over the top of it – you could’ve done spoken word, you could’ve done so many different kinds of records, there were so many possibilities, you could use disco, it was very post-modern…it was a great anti-bourgeois kind of thing, but there weren’t enough good albums…not enough brave records at that time.”

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