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Episode Fourteen – Blackbyrd McKnight

“My three goals in life, set by the age of 13, were to play with Herbie Hancock, to play with Miles Davis, and the other was to play with P-Funk”

Aug Stone talks to DeWayne “Blackbyrd” McKnight about playing with these greats and others, hearing Hendrix for the first time, picking up the guitar, making his ‘Bout Funkin’ Time solo album, and much more.

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Episode Thirteen – Best Of 2018

A look at and listen to the best songs of 2018 with an interlude about the best comics, movies, TV shows, and podcasts. Including Keith TOTP, Karla Kane, James, The Ocean Party, Guided By Voices, Janelle Monáe, Say Lou Lou, Fightmilk, Chorusgirl, Gerard Way, Steve Kilbey, Accü, Postiljonen, Ani Glass, Birdie, The Cleaners From Venus, Carfax, Jah Wobble, Night Heron, Big Fox, Carla J. Easton, and Spiritualized. Happy Holidays and here’s to an Awesome 2019!

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Episode Twelve – Say Lou Lou

“There’s always a bit of Bergman when we do anything. Especially because with us being two women, the visual placements of faces together are so Bergman, how he structurally and visually put people in relation to each other…His depiction of women in film is so real, so true.”

Aug Stone talks to Miranda & Elektra Kilbey about The Eternal Spirit of Woman on their gorgeous new Say Lou Lou album Immortelle, Bergman, James Bond, covering their parents’ classic ‘Under The Milky Way’, and much more.

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Episode Eleven – Fightmilk

Alex: Tell me that riff doesn’t rule.
Lily: It does rule. But it came from a place of grumpy, instead of a place of love. And it should’ve come from a place of…lumpy.
– Fightmilk on their anthem ‘Your Girlfriend’

Aug Stone talks to Fightmilk about their brilliant debut album Not With That Attitude, ill-fated foreign holidays making great songs, putting Weezer in a blender, romanticizing Scandinavian crime dramas, hayfever being more complicated than you might think, Keith Top Of The Pops’ eternal benevolence in bestowing life to new bands, falling madly in love with music, and much much more.

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Episode Ten – Typex

“Crumb never met up with Andy Warhol or The Velvet Underground as far as I know. But I put him in the story anyway. Cause he’s very important for the way we see a lot of the 60’s, especially the underground. He changed the vision. Our vision of the 60’s is formed by Robert Crumb and other artists, I think, as well as the way we see the 80’s is informed by the drawings of Tom Of Finland.”

Aug Stone talks to Dutch artist Typex about his dazzling new book andy: A Factual Fairytale The Life And Times of Andy Warhol which tells Warhol’s life story in ten parts, each section drawn in the style of the time period it deals with, his extensive research on the book, falling in love with music and comics, drawing comix reviews of concerts, Robert Crumb, Harvey Kurtzman and MAD magazine, Guy Peellaert, and much more.

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Episode Nine – Even As We Speak

“I was on the train to work listening to Camper Van Beethoven, thinking what’s gonna be a good direction. In particular, I was listening to the way they were using a lot of different instrumentation, and from that it occurred to me that we really need to stop having a style, stop looking for a sound or a direction, and just do everything. And do it in a very spontaneous way. The idea was to have no real filters on what we were doing, so there’s really no editing on Feral Pop Frenzy. Everything that came into our heads, we’d do it. It’s a record that was ahead of its time in a lot of ways, but at its heart it’s still pop music. It’s the creative process without being limited by what you think you should or shouldn’t do.” – Matt Love, Even As We Speak


Aug Stone talks to Australian POP legends Even As We Speak about creative freedom, America, rock masses, John Peel, their time with such luminous indie labels as Phantom Records, Sarah Records and now Emotional Response, their summer 2018 tour, and much more.


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Episode Eight – Tim Booth

“We are psychically connected to each other whether we like it or not, but we are also globally connected.”

Aug Stone talks to James singer Tim Booth about Patti Smith, the transformative power of dance, global warming, Russia and our current political climate, Love being the answer to our problems, being a dad who has to go away on tour, the unconscious revealing itself through creativity, and much more. NOTE: Strong language is used. NSFW.

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Episode Seven – Sarah Cracknell

“Good Humor is our fantasy America from when we were kids. It’s our vision of what the States was like, probably wholly inaccurate, but it’s our fantasy America.”


Aug Stone talks to Saint Etienne’s Sarah Cracknell about the 20th anniversary of ‘Good Humor’, America, the band’s perceived “quintessential Englishness”, Swedish Pop, the use of the telephone in pop songs, and more.


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Episode Six – Simon Indelicate

Aug Stone talks to Simon Indelicate about his new musical, Paradise Rocks! A reimagining of Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ as if it were one of Elvis’ Hawaii movies. We get a brief history of The Indelicates, Corporate Records, and Simon’s other musicals, as well as an account of Simon and friends’ attempt to recreate Bill Drummond & Mark Manning’s ‘Bad Wisdom’ journey to place an icon of Elvis on the North Pole to spread good vibes down the latitudes and save the world.  Also synchronicities, Robert Anton Wilson, performance poetry, and the Vanilla Ice movie…

“There is a sense that Elvis embodies this figure of pure rebellion, the James Dean ‘what are you rebelling against?’ ‘what have you got?’ thing, where you just rebel against whatever it is, subvert the dominant paradigm, that’s the first moral obligation, that Luciferian idea which reaches its apotheosis in Elvis. He’s the archetypal figure who represents that, and everyone since Elvis is like a version of Elvis, even Bowie and glam is a version of that, slightly androgynous, slightly weird, but just pure rebellion through the form of rock n roll.”

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