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Episode Eight Show Notes – Tim Booth

Video for ‘Coming Home (Pt. 2)’

“A certain romanticness prevails throughout the album, all the mightier for being born of a mature yearning for peace and love rather than escapist fantasy. Gorgeous and passionate, the “bruised love” of album highlight “Leviathan” shows this in spades. “Coming Home (Pt. 2),” thematic follow-up to the 1989 single, comes at you from many different directions, chaos blasting off with its heartfelt lyric. The song’s expansiveness is reminiscent of the huge space of the Seven album. On the opposite end of the spectrum, in the middle of “How Hard the Day,” they bravely drop down to a single note guitar and voice, paying off by the strength of the melody.” Read my full review of Living In Extraordinary Times for Under The Radar here.

Tim Booth interview by Emma Cook in The Guardian referenced in podcast.

‘Top Of The World’ from Gold Mother, orchestral workshop version 2011

‘I Believe’ from the Booth & The Bad Angel album. Tim’s 1996 collaboration with composer Angelo Badalamenti, Bernard Butler on guitar.

James – ‘Ring The Bells’, from the Seven album.

James – ‘Hymn From A Village’. Early song that has remained a favourite over the years.

James – ‘Tomorrow’. A classic.

James – ‘Say Something’

Patti Smith’s Horses.

Patti Smith’s ‘Birdland’. Tim’s choice for what to listen to while flying into the Sun. Take Tim’s advice and find the appropriate time to listen to this, put on headphones and block everything else out.

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Episode Eight – Tim Booth

“We are psychically connected to each other whether we like it or not, but we are also globally connected.”

Aug Stone talks to James singer Tim Booth about Patti Smith, the transformative power of dance, global warming, Russia and our current political climate, Love being the answer to our problems, being a dad who has to go away on tour, the unconscious revealing itself through creativity, and much more. NOTE: Strong language is used. NSFW.

Show Notes Here…

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Episode Four – Ian Button

Ian Button discusses the history of Papernut Cambridge from dreaming the band name to their fifth album, Outstairs Instairs, out June 29th on Gare Du Nord Records. We talk about the label as a collective as well as his time with Death In Vegas,working with Lawrence and Terry Miles on the latest Go-Kart Mozart album, almost joining The Sisters Of Mercy twice, and falling in love with psychedelic pop as a child. WARNING: During the re-telling of a story, the ‘c’ word gets dropped at 40:22, so NSFW or sensitive ears.


Show Notes Here…

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Episode Four Show Notes – Ian Button

In 2013 my friend the poet Kevin Reinhardt made me a mix cd that started out with P.P. Arnold’s amazing ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’ followed by this killer tune that reminded me of classic Mary Chain. It turned out to be ‘Aphrodisiac’ by Papernut Cambridge who had just released their debut album, Cambridge Nutflake, on Gare Du Nord Records, a label collective run by Ian Button, Robert Rotifer, and Ralegh Long.

My interest was piqued and when Papernut released their second record, There’s No Underground, I was psyched to review it for The Quietus and it is one of my favourite albums of 2014:

This is a great rock & roll record. Ian Button may be “haunted by the insects in his dark imaginings”, as he intones on opener ‘The Ghost Of Something Small’, but outside that buzzing hook-laden head of his, it’s a leisurely ride through glittering neon, the fluorescence that illuminates rock’s shadowy nighttime world. The lights that feel like they’re never gonna end whilst terminating all too quickly – there’s 12 songs in 30 minutes here. But no matter, press play again and we’re back amidst the exiled warriors on Electric Main Street. Just as one would never fault T. Rex for being derivative, so here the nods to rock’s past – The Stones, Bolan himself, The Replacements, Kinks, and Mary Chain – are simply the lineage continuing itself. All sung in that sweet sinister voice a la Jim Reid, with just as sharp an ear for melody.


Nutlets 1967-1980, a covers record, followed in 2015, and introduced me to the wonderful ‘Jesamine’, originally by The Casuals.

Love The Things Your Lover Loves followed in 2016 and Outstairs Instairs is released June 29, 2018.

Ian has worked with a lot of great artists as a musician and producer. Notably, he was in Death In Vegas and produced the latest Go-Kart Mozart album, Mozart’s Mini-Mart. During the course of our conversation he introduced me to the Vaughan Thomas record from 1972.

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Episode Three – Tyson Meade

“I sent David Immerglück ‘Confused 22’ and I said ‘ok so imagine this song and it’s basically if John Lennon went into a time machine and wound up at the Led Zeppelin III sessions but in the next room Rickie Lee Jones and Black Francis from The Pixies were having a fist fight. That’s what I want this song to sound like’. And he’s like ‘Got it!’”

An excellent conversation with Tyson Meade from Chainsaw Kittens about his new solo record, Robbing The Nuclear Family, and the Kittens 1996 self-titled album, both released this Record Store Day, April 21st. We chat about his surly muse for the new record, living in China, his time with the Kittens, all infused with a whole lotta rock n roll.

Show Notes Here…

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Episode Three Show Notes – Tyson Meade

My introduction to Tyson Meade and Chainsaw Kittens came at 2 am one Sunday night back in 1992 (a very good year for music) when I just happened to catch the premiere of their ‘Connie, I’ve Found The Door’ video at the end of 120 Minutes on MTV. A song so powerful and exciting, it woke me straight up with that thrilling feeling you get from the best songs, and I still feel that way about it all these years later.


Another fave, perhaps even more thrilling and ass-kicking, is ‘Sore On The Floor’ from their next album Pop Heiress. Released in 1994, it looked like the Kittens were about to break big. Read Tyson’s blog post about it here, and check out the other blog posts too about Tyson’s life in rock n roll and living in China.


And the killer title track from that album:


Two songs from the self-titled Chainsaw Kittens album from 1996 on Scratchie (James Iha & D’arcy Wretzky from Smashing Pumpkins’ label) that is being released on vinyl for the first time this Record Store Day, April 21st, 2018.

‘Dorothy’s Last Fling’

‘Speedway Oklahoma’


An interview I did with Tyson for God Is In The TV in 2012 as he was getting ready to make Tomorrow In Progress in China.

“In many ways Tomorrow is an electronic update of the Kittens. Tyson’s glam-dripping three-octave voice, his unique lyrical slant and delivery, the enticing way he staggers and repeats as he conjures these tunes into being…The album sees him experimenting more, taking risks and pulling them off, and producing some of his finest material to date.” My full review of Tomorrow In Progress for The Quietus here.

‘Buddy Dash’ (duet with Nicole Fiorentino from Tomorrow In Progress)


New album, Robbing The Nuclear Family, is released this Record Store Day, April 21st, 2018 on Jett Plastic Recordings.


The very John Waters video for ‘He’s The Candy’ starring The Play Babies:


A great video about Tyson’s awesome Jackson Pollack-esque artwork and his creative process:


You can find Tyson on Twitter here.


And Tyson is running for Oklahoma’s 5th District U.S. Congress with education as top priority. Visit the Facebook page here and the Crowdpac campaign here.

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