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Episode Three – Tyson Meade

“I sent David Immerglück ‘Confused 22’ and I said ‘ok so imagine this song and it’s basically if John Lennon went into a time machine and wound up at the Led Zeppelin III sessions but in the next room Rickie Lee Jones and Black Francis from The Pixies were having a fist fight. That’s what I want this song to sound like’. And he’s like ‘Got it!’”

An excellent conversation with Tyson Meade from Chainsaw Kittens about his new solo record, Robbing The Nuclear Family, and the Kittens 1996 self-titled album, both released this Record Store Day, April 21st. We chat about his surly muse for the new record, living in China, his time with the Kittens, all infused with a whole lotta rock n roll.

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