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Episode Six Show Notes – Simon Indelicate

Showreel for Paradise Rocks!


The Indelicates – Songs For Swinging Lovers . One of the best albums ever made.

‘Beyond The Radio Horizon’ from Elevator Music.

‘Not Alone’ from Diseases Of England.

Corporate Records. Sign your band a la Bandcamp and listen to some other rad albums.


Simon mentions the Principia Discordia when we were talking about Robert Anton Wilson (I can’t recommend reading The Illuminatus! Trilogy enough) and Discordianism.

And Bad Wisdom, Bill Drummond & Zodiac Mindwarp’s account of bringing an icon of Elvis, wrapped in a Bon Scott t-shirt, to the Arctic where they’d place it on the North Pole to send good vibes down through the latitude lines and save the world. Essential reading.

Simon also says Cool As Ice, the Vanilla Ice movie, is very similar to Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’.

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Episode Six – Simon Indelicate

Aug Stone talks to Simon Indelicate about his new musical, Paradise Rocks! A reimagining of Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ as if it were one of Elvis’ Hawaii movies. We get a brief history of The Indelicates, Corporate Records, and Simon’s other musicals, as well as an account of Simon and friends’ attempt to recreate Bill Drummond & Mark Manning’s ‘Bad Wisdom’ journey to place an icon of Elvis on the North Pole to spread good vibes down the latitudes and save the world.  Also synchronicities, Robert Anton Wilson, performance poetry, and the Vanilla Ice movie…

“There is a sense that Elvis embodies this figure of pure rebellion, the James Dean ‘what are you rebelling against?’ ‘what have you got?’ thing, where you just rebel against whatever it is, subvert the dominant paradigm, that’s the first moral obligation, that Luciferian idea which reaches its apotheosis in Elvis. He’s the archetypal figure who represents that, and everyone since Elvis is like a version of Elvis, even Bowie and glam is a version of that, slightly androgynous, slightly weird, but just pure rebellion through the form of rock n roll.”

Show Notes here…

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