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Episode Ten – Typex

“Crumb never met up with Andy Warhol or The Velvet Underground as far as I know. But I put him in the story anyway. Cause he’s very important for the way we see a lot of the 60’s, especially the underground. He changed the vision. Our vision of the 60’s is formed by Robert Crumb and other artists, I think, as well as the way we see the 80’s is informed by the drawings of Tom Of Finland.”

Aug Stone talks to Dutch artist Typex about his dazzling new book andy: A Factual Fairytale The Life And Times of Andy Warhol which tells Warhol’s life story in ten parts, each section drawn in the style of the time period it deals with, his extensive research on the book, falling in love with music and comics, drawing comix reviews of concerts, Robert Crumb, Harvey Kurtzman and MAD magazine, Guy Peellaert, and much more.

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