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Episode Thirteen Show Notes – Best Of 2018

Spotify Playlist of most of the songs played on the show

Carfax’s ‘Kindnssizaviruz’ (not on Spotify)

And the Corporate Records version of ‘Kindnssizaviruz’ which has different songs.

The It’s A Jangle Out There radio show tribute to The Ocean Party’s Zac Denton

Roman Muradov’s artwork

The Counterforce’s 9 Favourite Albums of 2018 (in no particular order, I love them all)

Guided By Voices – Space Gun
Fightmilk – Not With That Attitude
Accü – Echo The Red
Carla J. Easton – Impossible Stuff
james – Living In Extraordinary Times
Say Lou Lou – Immortelle
Jah Wobble – Dream World
Steve Kilbey – Sydney Rococo
Carfax (Mikey B Georgeson) – Kindnssizaviruz

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Episode Two – Carla J. Easton

“without girl groups we probably wouldn’t have had music as we know it…everyone always talks about punk being this seminal period but to me it’s ’58-‘63”

The poptastic Carla J. Easton talks about the new record she’s made with producer Howard Bilerman, her favourite songs and songwriters, recording the TeenCanteen album in mono, co-writing and singing a song on the new Belle & Sebastian EP, her love of the girl groups, buying records, and much more. #popforever

Show Notes Here…

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